"We have both bought and sold with Jill Cole.  To say that she is “the best” is, in all honesty, an understatement.  Both moves were complicated circumstances, one to an out of state location, and both with lots of little children involved.  Jill was patient, focused on our needs and always available.  When we purchased our mountain home, it was during a difficult buyer’s market and she looked at probably 50 homes with us.  I would despair and want to make bids on homes that were not quite “right” for us, she would gently, but clearly, explain why we shouldn’t purchase the home, clearly laying out the pros and cons of each property, doing extensive research on the area and the commute for my husband.

Jill is not simply trying to sell a home, she is looking out for the best interests of her customers.  She truly cares about each family’s unique circumstances and wants the best for them.  She is always professional, even in trying circumstances where the other agent might be difficult.  She wants you to find your “home”, not just a ”house.” 

It is with a grateful heart that we wholeheartedly recommend Jill Cole.  You could not be in more capable and professional hands."
-Bridget F. & Aaron L.

"In this current crazy Bay Area real estate market, there are many real estate brokers who don’t bother with client service and care because often they don’t have to. Michael Riese is not that type of broker. Simply put, working with Michael was an outstanding experience. We searched to purchase a home for over three years (poor guy!), and within that time, our search parameters changed more than once, yet his commitment to us never wavered. We admired his creativity and readiness to try unconventional offer ideas, and appreciated that he would always establish an early dialogue with the selling agent in an effort to glean any information to help our offer stand out. He was professional and personable, extremely knowledgeable about current market conditions and pricing, always available to answer any questions that arose, and an all-around good guy."
-Chris & Ane Gardner

"Working with Michael was a great choice for my home search. He helped with sorting through a wide range of possibilities and trade-offs, and was patient enough to listen to sometimes conflicting requirements and preferences. I’m happy with the place I purchased, but even happier when I drive by the ones I didn’t purchase. It took some time, but the pace of the search allowed me to learn what was most important. In several negotiations, Michael helped me to keep a perspective on things. It’s easy to get too focused on a property, and patience is sometimes helpful. On the other hand, in the eventual purchase, the strategy we used resulted in a quick and relatively simple negotiation. Even after the close, Michael has been great at periodically “checking in” and even helping to sort out some of the minor issues that invariably come up with moving to a new home and a new neighborhood. His knowledge of the area and his ongoing advice have been really helpful."-----David B.
Los Gatos, CA

"It is our immense pleasure to recommend Jill Cole as a real estate agent for any individual or family searching for the ideal home for their unique situation or selling their current home. Jill had an initial meeting with us and took diligent notes regarding our specific needs as well as our budgetary limitations. She is highly talented technologically and made excellent use of the relevant search engines and real estate databases to sell our home as quickly as possible. She did not waste our time with buyers that were out of their price range or not in line with our needs.

A master with the contract negotiations, Jill came up with a deal that was great for us and made both parties happy as well. We found Jill to be a highly attentive agent, almost as if we were her only customers, although we know that was not the case. She returned all phone calls and emails the same day. We never felt neglected or unimportant. She is also highly personable with an engaging personality. Jill was honest about some minor changes that we needed to make to attract buyers quickly, and her advice worked like a charm.

We are pleased to recommend Jill Cole to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She is hands down the best in the business in our area."
-Greg & Tanya V.

"I’m a realtor and I deal with realtors all the time.  I had never met Mike until recently when I bought a house fro my client and Mike was the seller’s agent.  He was spectacular.  Without his passion, drive, exceptional negotiating talents and resources, this deal would have failed a few times.  And I can say for certain, that had it been any other Realtor, I seriously doubt that this transaction would have happened.  He’s different.  You’ll know immediately when you talk to him.  He’s in a league reserved for the best of the best."
-James B.
Los Gatos, CA

"I have personally worked with Jill as a seller and most recently as a buyer.  She represented myself and my husband in an investment property, we were looking in the $750k-$800 range. Jill was able to find us not only an amazing property but also negotiated a phenomenal price!    In California, specifically the Bay Area having a knowledgeable agent is critical.  Jill has excellent communication and organizational skills – she was in constant contact with us throughout the escrow and was always available to answer our questions.   

Having worked in real estate myself years ago and knowing what it takes to be successful in this current market, Jill is who I would and have recommended to friends and family."
-Lisa S.

"In late 2011 we moved from Seattle to the Bay Area and decided that Los Gatos was the right community for our family.  After renting for a while, we decided to purchase a home.  The real estate market was starting to pick up, and we were struggling to find the right house.  With Michael’s help, we secured a terrific home on one of the most desireable streets in town. We were able to purchase our home before it went on the market and were able to negotiate a great price that, in hindsight, really put us at a financial advantage going forward."
-Jon & Amy P.
Los Gatos, CA

"We’d like to take this opportunity to recommend Joni Thomas, of Apple Hill Properties for her excellent work managing our property rental in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Our rental is fairly unique -- a family home, in the Santa Cruz Mountains not close to amenities. Joni has intimate knowledge of the mountain market. She helped us from the start to advertise for, interview and then find excellent tenants who are the perfect fit for our house. Not only did she find tenants who really care about our house, but she was also able to negotiate our asking price. She also helped to make sure our house was ready for rental -- suggesting various fixes that made the transition for the tenants easier for everyone.

She always collects the rent each month on time and sends us a list of the expenses, as well as a year-end report for our records.

She has been easy to communicate with, very friendly and easy to work with as well as being extremely responsible to help make the relationship with our tenant a good one. She has also been very timely in responding to any issues that we might have on the property.

Since we live overseas, we needed to have someone very responsible to take care of our biggest asset. Joni fits the bill! We would highly recommend working with Joni Thomas on any of your property management needs.

- Andrew & Christina S.
Los Gatos, CA